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More Weather Records For 2015

We experienced a record breaking cold February and now that we are in the month of July we are taking another look at the record books. This time...for precipitation.

The month of June was certainly a wet one...the Binghamton area saw almost 10 inches of rain in the past thirty days...more than doubling the average of 4.31 inches. That total makes this past month the second wettest June since 1951 and the third wettest month overall for the city of Binghamton.

Second place -- June 2006...When the Binghamton area experienced what was compared to a 500 year flood and recorded 11.45 inches of rain.

The number one wettest month on record for Binghamton, September 2011, when the area was devastated by more than 16.5 inches of rain.

We've had several flood watches and warnings in the past month but that begs the question, what are we in store for next month?