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Fireworks Safety for the Fourth

Dale Countermine shops at Mess's Fireworks every year for the 4th of July.

He's never had any mishaps while igniting his colorful displays but that doesn't mean he's not cautious.

"Everything is secured down we have a barrier set up and of course there's no minors nearby."

Officials claim they receive the most calls around this time of year, either complaints from the noise or even worse.

Interim Director of Emergency Services Raymond Serowick said,"They don't need to endanger their own life, health and property and that of others in order to enjoy fireworks."

Broome County is one of the counties in New York where all fireworks are illegal.

Only sparkling devices are legal in 31 counties.

According to Fireman's Association on New York in 2012, 8,700 people were treated in US hospital emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries.

All these fireworks and you won't catch any of them without a warning label. Something officials say you should always pay attention to.

Mess's Fireworks Manager Melissa McHugh said, "Anybody that's buying them they just need to know exactly how to work the firework. Always make sure you have water nearby so in case anything happens that you're prepared."

"Research, research, research. You come to a place like this they have computers you can see what you're getting into, what you want to buy, how big they are. I suggest anybody that's going to come in and buy stuff don't go to the big stuff right off the bat, get used to them first. Get your feet wet let's say," said Countermine.