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A Hot Spot for New Jobs in Southern Tier?

New life for the old Schweizer Aircraft plant in Horseheads. Incubatorworks - a hub for aspiring manufacturing businesses which has two sites in Alfred and Corning - is adding a third here in 2016.

“It’s the first manufacturing incubator of it’s kind and it’s aimed at companies that are developing new manufacturing technology and developing it here in the Southern Tier,” said Alan Rae, Executive Director of Incubatorworks.

While this location may be over an hour away from Binghamton University, the school will play a major role. Professors will serve as mentors to the aspiring entrepreneurs at Incubatorworks.

“We are partnered very closely with Cornell and Binghamton through the Southern Tier Start Up Alliance and we will be able to offer these companies not just space but also mentoring and access to all the startup programs that are available,” said Rae.

This incubator is set up as part of the Start-Up New York campaign and the Governor’s Incubator Hot Spot. This allows companies to work with programs at multiple universities including Binghamton University.

“To have the facilities at the universities and colleges partnering with our entrepreneurs, that’s the secret recipe that is what will allow us to create that technology that will create jobs for generations to come,” said Congressman Tom Reed.

The goal or blueprint of Incubatorworks is to bring in that business and allow them to develop and grow their product so they will be able to be in a bigger and better place on their own in 3-5 years.

“The idea is that you get a turnover. People come here, it’s a safe place to grow, it’s economic, they have the resources they need, and then they could kick off their own building in Binghamton, or here, or Alfred, or wherever,” said Rae.

****From the Incubatorworks site in Horseheads, Donnie Dwyer, Fox 40 HD News.****