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Pamela Sweat Speaks Out After Son David's Capture

The 22 day manhunt for convicted murderers Richard Matt and David Sweat is over. Matt shot and killed Friday by police.

Sweat shot by authorities Sunday and is in police custody.
We've reached out to sweat's mother who expresses her grief and despite everything expresses her unconditional love for her son.

"I hope he'll be OK and he just stays there where he belongs. I've always told my kids you do the crime you do the time and I always had trouble with David when he was growing up," said Pamela Sweat.

Sweats son David was serving a life sentence for the killing of Broome County sheriff's deputy Kevin Tarsia back in 2002. On June 6, 2015 he and inmate richard matt broke out of the clinton correctional facility in dannemora .. they headed north.
"I wish he would have gave up a long time ago and i wish he would have stayed where he was instead of leaving there with that guy. I was kind of scared that that guy was going to kill him when he got done with him."
David Sweat.. shot and captured -- Sunday about 2 miles away from the Canadian border.

"They haven't said nothing they didn't event let us know that they captured him alls we know is the guys that were here guarding us, from him and that other guy just got up and left so we knew right then and there they had gotten him somehow."

Sweat said she knew it was official when she received calls from family members and messages on social media.

"I'm glad they caught him but I'm sorry for what the communities went through as well as myself and my family."

Despite the stress and commotion.

"I love you always have and always will. And if I get to see you I will."