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David Sweat Captured Brings Relief to Family, Community

The capture of David Sweat provided a sense of relief to many in upstate New York, including his own mother.

Pamela Sweat feared for her son's life and was anxious to see him captured and returned to prison where she says he belongs.

Sweat killed Broome County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Tarsia in 2002.

Tarsia's former colleagues are also grateful the manhunt is over, and glad no officers or civilians were killed.

"Sweat is in custody. He's off the street. He's a danger. I said that in the beginning. Someone is going to get killed if he gets a gun. He'll do whatever he has to. He's already a convicted murderer. He has no feelings for life," said Broome County Sheriff David Harder.

"I wish he would have given up a long time ago. And I wish he would have stayed where he was instead of leaving there with that guy. I was kind of scared that that guy was going to kill him when he got done with them. I'm glad he didn't," said Pamela Sweat.

Pamela Sweat says she feels sorry for the officers who had to be away from their families while they searched for her son, and for the communities that were effected by the search.

She says she loves her son, always will and will see him if given the opportunity.