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New Rod Serling Locations Revealed to the Public

In honor of 40 years since his passing, the Rod Serling Archive organization is holding a special program in the "Twilight Zone" star's honor.

Sunday the group held an event called "In the Zone: Rod Serling" at the Bundy Museum.

The event began with a presentation of more than 20 recently discovered Rod Serling locations in the area. The locations include places like Serling's homes, Serling family markets and sites directly related to some Twilight Zone episodes. Following the presentation, a screening of a rare sitcom from the 60's called, "Ichabod and Me," starring Rod, was shown.

Afterwards organizers invited participants to visit some sites like Binghamton high school, Recreation Park and inside the Binghamton Bus Terminal.

The organization's next event will honor the 56th anniversary of the premiere of the Twilight Zone in October.