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Thousands Attend the New York Faerie Festival

Some magical characters wandering through the woods...

It'sall part of the 7th annual Faerie Festival held in the woods of Ouaquaga, New York.

This weekend, despite the rainy weather, thousands dressed up in costume to participate in a day of magical fun.

Described by organizers as a "Renaissance Fest with wings" the event included more than 50 vendors selling things like handmade creations, and stages were set up with musical performances and plays.

"Faerie Fest for people is a way to kind of access magic in a way that's neither threatening nor weird, but that's fun. It reminds people about their childhood, their imagination and why they play. It's a celebration of the imagination. It's not about what you believe, but what you make believe," said Creative Director of Faerie Fest Billy Bardo.

If you are interested in more information about the festival or would like to join the performances in the future you can find out more information by visiting www.nyfaeriefest.com.