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Benefit Helps Raise Money for Tarbox Family

The community is coming together to benefit for a family who fell victim to a fire earlier this year.

The "Rockin' to Help" benefit kicked off at the Choconut Inn Banquet Barn Sunday, all to benefit the Tarbox family.

Four of family members passed away last month in a house fire. The only surviving family members are a father and son.

For just a $10 donation fee, guests could enjoy some food, raffles and live music.

There was a TV drawing, 50/50 prize drawings and even an auction all to raise money for the surviving members organizers say more than a thousand people showed their support.

Joseph Haloick, event organizer, said "There's been a lot of support and a lot of people and a lot of us that were close to the family. were just heartbroken and it has really put a cloud over the summer season for everyone but there's been an outpouring of people that never met these guys in their life and just coming out and helping and heart broken also. we don't know where we are at yet of course but its gonna be good we're gonna be able to help these guys out. its going to be awfully hard for everybody to march forward after this tragedy and everything but we can try to make it easier and get them on their way."