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A Closer Look at Roller Derby and the BC Rollers

Final Scores from Games:

Dirt Road Dears 179
Parlor City Tricks 174

Empire State 79
Aces on 8's 27

Modern roller derby is an international sport dominated by all-female amateur teams.

"Fast, full contact, everybody is wonderful. You go out there and you hit each other around for an hour and then afterwards you go out, hug, and have a great time with everybody," said referee Lee-Bola.

And did you know the last professional roller derby event took place in the late 70’s in Binghamton.

"We always say it's not your mother and father's roller derby, it's a completely different sport today. In fact, they are gearing towards making it an actual Olympic sport," said Roller Derby Announcer Big Daddy Bello.

This game has very specific guidelines to follow for every bout.

"The current rule book is about 76 pages I believe. So it's a lot of studying. We actually do a ref practice one a week," said Lee-Bola.

Roller Derby starts off with a jam. It's sort of like football with an offensive line and a running back. The running back in this game is called a jammer. Now the jammer has the star on her head and their goal is to lap their opponent to score points. And what they have been telling me today is earning those points is one of the most rewarding things in the game.

"You take a lot of risks being on skates and skating on concrete but it's all worth it because of the adrenaline. Anybody that plays sports and displays that love and passion about a certain sport knows you get that adrenaline rush and you enjoy it regardless, said President and Head Coach, Toxic Beveridge.

"I just fell in love with it my first day practicing and I think it's a great exercise and it just really helps being around team players and I just love this sport, it's great," said Foxy Firework.

This game is more than a physical grudge match, it’s about the personalities and true colors that come out of these ladies when they lace up the skates and head into battle as one.

"We've all kind of collaborated together as a group and I think we are a really strong team this year and I have seen that on and off the track," said Foxy Firework.

"We've had a lot more committed people and people that really enjoy and love the sport and it's amazing because it actually shows that we are really working hard together,"said Toxic Beveridge

And when I asked Toxic Beveridge what it’s like to hit an opponent, she said...

"Oh, it's so much fun!"