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Red Cross Teach Teens Babysitting Skills

Diapers, wipes, bottles, you learn it all while babysitting!

Sarturday, students between the ages of 11 and 15 attended a Babysitter's Training course at the American Red Cross in Endicott.

In addition to informational videos and pamphlets, the course has the students perform hands-on diaper changing, spoon and bottle feeding and first aid on dolls. Red Cross officials say these activities help to build confidence in working safely with children, especially in emergency situations.

"It's really geared towards safety, all kinds of safety; safety outside the home, in the home, child proofing things. Being safe, not just the kids that they're watching, but for themselves as well. So, of course, we talk about answering the phone, when the door bell rings, if they do go out in public. So a lot of different things that they can think about to keep everyone safe," said Health and Safety Instructor at Red Cross Lance Lee.

The next babysitter training course is scheduled for July 25th.