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Garage Sale Raises Funds for Malawi Flood Vicitims

A garage sale is raising money to aid a large amount of flood damage in Malawi.

More than 150 people came out to the United with Christ Church in Johnson City for their third and final day of the Malawi Flood Relief Garage Sale.
The sale helps to raise money towards seven United with Christ Churches located in Malawi, Africa.

According to church officials, these churches were destroyed in a devastating flood earlier this year.

Items up for sale included things like clothes, glassware and dressers. Items were donated from local churches, parishioners, and even some customers donated items of their own.

"I'm very excited. I'm actually going, at the end July, with eight other people from the church to do mission work in Malawi. And when we go we're going to bring this money to help the victims of the flooding there, and help the churches to do some rebuilding," said Assistant Pastor at United with Christ Church Keith Kunow.

The goal was to raise $5,000 in proceeds which will go towards Malawi repairs. Leftover items will be donated to the Thrifty Shopper in Binghamton.