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Hometown Kids back at Maggie Memorial Golf Tournament

To the links where Traditions at the Glen held the 10th annual Maggie Memorial charity golf tournament this morning. All the proceeds from the tournament go to the children's home programs in the Greater Binghamton Area. The tournament has brought the community and the athletes together for a great cause and the event has raised over $300,000 thousand dollars in the last 9 years. But this tournament is special because it has some local flavor from two U-E grads who have done great work in the NFL.

"I talked to Isaiah Kacyvenski on the phone the other day. I told him there was a day and time where he would walk into that gym at Union-Endicott and I would get all nervous and starstruck and I still do to this day, you know it's Isaiah Kacyvenski. He is a hometown hero and it's great out here to come out and support him," said Chandler Jones, Super Bowl Champ with the Patriots this year.

"This area, nothing is given to you, nothing is handed to you, you have to go out and earn it every single day. And that is instilled in you from a real young age. That foundation allows you to reach beyond the grasp of not only sports but in business, your community, and everything else," said Isaiah Kacyvenski, Former Seattle Seahawk.

Chandler Jones says winning a Super Bowl was an unreal experience and Kacyvenski currently runs the Sports Segment at MC10, an electronic company that is working on optimizing athlete performance.