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Legislative Session Ends, Assembly Members Speak Out

The New York State Legislative session has ended. Before closing the session, leaders extended the property tax cap for an additional four years.

That legislation also provided a new property tax credit that will provide more than $3.1 billion over four years.leaders also increased funding of $250 million to reimburse private schools for the costs of performing state-mandated services.

"So we were very pleased that the new leaders in both houses stepped up and tried to cooperate/work together so that in and of itself was a big accomplishment that we were able to carry on and get a budget done in time, provide a very nice increase in school aid for our needy schools," said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.

"Back to the budget we were able to get 1.3 Billion dollars in new school aid, about $600 million of that was to offset the gap elimination adjustment, ands thats been crushing our schools, but increase in money for the formula, so I think most of our schools came out fairly decently this time not having to raise property taxes," said State Assemblyman Cliff Crouch.

Among the initiatives that did not pass - a bill to legalize mixed martial arts in New York and the education investment tax credit. that would have provided a credit to those who contributed to private schools in the state.