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Local Reaction to Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Ruling

After the Supreme Court's decision on legalizing gay marriage in the US some Southern Tier professionals are talking about the decision as well.

A Binghamton University professor explains why he feels the decision will help continue the improving view of many toward gays in society. And on the other hand, a local pastor explains why the decision saddens him.

"If somebody decides to fire me because I'm gay that should be illegal. That can happen still in over half the states in the country. We need to reform immigration rights so gay couples, where one of them is from another country, they have the same rights. We need to make sure that our adoption rights and parenting rights are protected around the country," said Sean Massey, Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Binghamton University.

Christian Life Church Pastor Ernest Collins said, "In the word of God marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman -- Adam and Eve being the mother and father of all ethnic groups, all kinds of people everywhere all languages ...and between a man and a woman. This is my biggest concern, I don't want to see the nation and generations after me to forget God and God's way."

To date - 36 states and the District of Columbia permit same- sex marriage - but only 11 of them arrived at that position by a popular vote or legislative measure.

The other 25 got there as a result of court decisions.