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Several New Corrections Officers to Join Local Prison Work Force

Nineteen new corrections officers will soon be entering the work force at our local prisons following a graduation ceremony Friday.

The officers finished their base course and nine weeks training at the Broome County Sheriff's Office Corrections Academy.

Graduates from five different agencies learned inmate behavior, defensive tactics such as not hurting someone when you need to control them, and how inmates will attempt manipulation.

Recent graduate Jason Muckey says that he's excited to work hard and start his new career.

Tioga County Corrections Officer Jason Muckey said, "I really wanted to give back to my community, I really like serving others. Being a corrections officer you get to work with people who aren't the greatest road and I'd love to see if I can correct some of that and just make people better like they can be."

Corrections officers also went through pepper spray training, where they were sprayed themselves to experience the effects.