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Last of Bought Out FEMA Homes Torn Down in Vestal

The last of 57 homes bought out by FEMA in Vestal was torn down Thursday afternoon.

These properties were damaged from flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee in September of 2011.

The lots will be a "Forever Green Space" meaning that local community members can use the space for gardening or local parks.

Vestal Town Supervisor John Schaffer says that the completion of the FEMA tear downs will allow the town to implement plans for the area.

Vestal Town Supervisor John Schaffer said, "This property that we're talking about down on Castle Garden Road, we'll hopefully make it into a parking lot for the newest extension of the Rail Trail, and to alleviate some of the people parking on the road area down there."

Vestal is still working on some road repairs due to damage from the flood of 2011.