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St. Patrick's Catholic School Closes it's Doors

After more than 150 years of educating children in Owego, St. Patrick's rang the school bell for the final time Wednesday.

The St. Patrick's Catholic school marked its last day of classes today, with the school closing due to dwindling enrollment and financial constraints. The school, which celebrated it's 150th anniversary in 2009, was the only catholic school in Tioga County. Parents and teachers reflected on the family-like atmosphere that the school fostered.

"Its been very sad, we've tried to keep it as upbeat as possible, we've had a lot of tears and we needed to let them do that. The last Friday mass was difficult, the prayer service that we had was also difficult" said Teacher, Annette Larrabe

"That's really the bigger issue, we have kids here who have been in school for maybe only a couple years and they've experienced it, but my thought is I feel really bad that kids in Tioga County don't have that opportunity anymore" said Parent, Rose Donnelly

This year the school taught 58 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. The principal of the school, paula smith, said that she knew every student personally, reaffirming the family-like culture that the school cultivated. That's why, for her, seeing them leave today was such an emotional experience.