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First Round Picks team up in Binghamton

With Brandon Nimmo returning from a month long knee injury, Binghamton Mets fans are afforded a unique opportunity: seeing three first round draft picks in the same lineup. Nimmo was drafted in the first round in 2011, Gavin Cecchini in 2012, and Michael Conforto in 2014.

It's the first time that all three have been on the same team outside of spring training, so they're just enjoying the chance to play together and get better every day.

"When you can get a team comprised of guys that don't like to lose, that are hard competitors, that work hard, and are also great guys off the field, and can get the job done on the field, that's a recipe for success I believe," Nimmo said.

"We're all really good players," Cecchini said. "To be in the same lineup and helping the team win, it's a really fun time. It really is. We have a lot of talent, we're all learning, we're getting better every single day. So, hopefully here soon, we're at Citi Field helping the New York Mets win."

"You always want to be surrounded with the best guys and Gavin and Nimmo are both hard workers, they're very talented," Conforto said. "We teach each other. We grow from each other. We push each other, that's for sure. We're all competitive. We're all on the same team. So, it's good to have each other around and to always be pushing each other."