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New York's Maple Syrup Production Breaks Records

Governor Cuomo announced maple syrup production in New York has reached its highest level in 70 years.

The state was able to retain its standing as the nation's number two producer, behind Vermont.

Michael Blachek owner of Sugar Creek Maple Farm said that this past winter was a tough season due to the cold but that it yielded terrific results.

Blachek also said that technology has helped maple farmers exceed their averages, with equipment like plastic tubing and vacuum systems.

Owner of Sugar Creek Maple Farm Michael Blachek said, "Once a tree fills up with sap the sap stops flowing after a few hours with vacuum you can keep during that three week intense period of making maple syrup you can continue to pull sap out of a tree for multiple days at a time where it wouldn't flow into a bucket."

More than 600,000 gallons of syrup were produced from more than 2.3 million taps across the state during the 2015 season.