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Free HIV Testing Week

Today marks the beginning of free HIV Testing Week at family planning of south central New York. Back in May Governor Cuomo called for the total number of new infections annually to be just 750 by 2020.

Currently it's 3,000. Officials with the the Southern Tier AIDS Program estimates there are 20,000 people in the state with the virus who need to know their status. Those who do are less likely to transmit the virus. The head of Family Planning explains how quick and easy rapid testing can be.

"At Family Planning we offer rapid HIV testing, which is a simple finger prick, and results are known in 20 minutes, so there should be no barriers, and no obstacles to people coming in, and knowing their HIV status," said Debra Marcus, Family Planning CEO

Meanwhile, scientists from the Scripps Research Institute say they have developed an HIV vaccine which could be available for human trials within two years.