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Thousands Visit Oliver the Giraffe on Giraffe Day

Animal Adventure in Harpursville invited people to come out to celebrate World Giraffe Day and visit the park's newest attraction, Oliver the giraffe, along with more than 75 other species of animals.

More than one thousand people showed up Sunday. Participants were welcome to feed Oliver carrots.

The event also included things like special Keeper Talks, giraffe activities and a Father's Day barbecue.

"This day, what it's all about, it's always about education, which brings conservation. What we're doing is bringing attention to giraffes and giraffes, their numbers are dwindling in the wild. It's one of those species that people don't think are going away, but they are. Today is a day to celebrate, generate that awareness, get the appreciation that, get the education, lead it to conservation," said Animal Adventure Owner Jordan Patch.

The park's owner says this is a fitting date to celebrate the longest-necked animal, since it's the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.