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Antique Car Show Comes to Conklin

Dads love cars right? Well what better way to celebrate Father's Day that with an antique car show?

Sunday more than 4,000 people came out for the 50th Annual Iroquois Region Antique Automobile Club of America Father's Day Car Show in Conklin.

The cruise-in welcomed all cars with more than 200 automobiles on display. More than 40 unique trophies were given out to the showcased cars.

There was also a flea market, a DJ, food and raffles for families to enjoy.

"It became a tradition, a lot of people just like to do a get together with the family on Father's Day. We have a chicken BBQ, we have good food vendors here, and so they come up here and enjoy the day with the family. And a lot of them show up here just for family reunions," said President of Iroquois Chapter AACA Ed Sheop.

"My Step Father is here with me today with his own car. And we came out, and my boy enjoys checking out the rest of the cars, just like I do," said Binghamton Resident Paul Hoelle.

Those in attendance were asked to bring a can of food for CHOW in addition to donations for putting the cars on display.