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Bundy Museum Takes Trip Back in Time

A local museum is inviting people to take a step back in time.

Saturday, the Bundy Museum in Binghamton participated in the Path Through History 2015 Weekend.

More than 24 local historic sites took part in the statewide initiative to showcase the rich history of New York State. People were invited to enjoy guided tours learning stories about the history behind each site.

"For the people to remember where the history has led them will help them see the way forward. So we like to share the history of how we got to where we're at and how to get to where we're going comes from knowing your history. And also, when people learn about their history, they become more appreciative of their town," said Director of Development at Bundy Museum Janna Rudler.

Some sites will remain open tomorrow including the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society Museum and the Ride-the-Carousel-Circuit, inviting people to check out all of the local historic carousels.