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Sumo Match Reward for BOCES Students

We've seen lots of fun ways to end the school year, but nothing quite like this...

The principal and assistant principal of the PALS Program at Broome-Tioga BOCES squared off on the sumo mat. PALS is a special education program at BOCES. The students earned what the staff called paws every time they exhibited positive, caring, and responsible behavior. The student body reached its goal of 13,000 paws yesterday, ensuring Friday's match.

"We had a thermometer that we made outside of the office showing them the gradual increase of the paws. Yesterday when they went over 13,000 they were so excited," said PALS Assistant Principal Rebecca Falank.

Before the match, Principal Maggie Collins said she planned to take Falank out in the first round. Well, Collins did win. But after the match, Falank said she let Collins win for the sake of her job. The trash talking continues.