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A Community Discussion on Autism at SUNY Broome

Is autism a disorder that is on the rise? How do you help a family member or friend that has been diagnosed?

Those are the questions Psychologists addressed tonight at a community discussion held at SUNY Broome. According to New York State Psychologists, autism is a developmental condition which causes difficulties in communicating and relating with others. Psychologist Stanley Wanglund says that 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with autism which he says is a spectrum disorder in that each person and community is totally different.

Wanglund said, "It depends on the resources, the public education awareness, the availability of screening and diagnostic centers, it could be whatever so we get a chance to see what people in Broome County feel is working for them or not working for them."

Wanglund says diagnosis is key and that research shows treatments that work best are applied behavioral analysis.