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Details on the Parlor City 5-k

Runners are getting ready to make their way through downtown Binghamton for the 8th annual Parlor City 5-k.

The run is part of July Fest and will take place on Saturday July 11th at 9am. This year's run will benefit the Magic Paintbrush Project, which provides programs for those with special needs. July Fest organizers say the run is a great way to draw people into the downtown area.

"Being the president of the Downtown Binghamton Business Association, it means a lot to us, the stores are open, there's people who are seeing it, we have so much to offer, but we gotta get people down here to see what we have to offer so that they can come back," says Ron Sall.

The race will be immediately followed by the Binghamton Music Festival, featuring popular local musicians.