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Private Sector Jobs on the Decline in Binghamton

Discouraging news on the job front for the Binghamton area. Over the past year Binghamton lost 1,000 private-sector jobs.

That's a reduction of 1.2 percent, a rate that is the second-worst in the state, behind Watertown-Fort Drum. This as the state as a whole enjoyed a 1.6 percent jump in private-sector jobs over the past year.

"We have yet after numerous years to join the ranks of the recovery, basically, or to enjoy the slow-growth recovery the nation and roughly the state has been experiencing," said Christian Harris of the New York State Department of Labor.

Harris says these may employment numbers are preliminary and when they are revised it may show less of a loss of private-sector jobs. The sectors which saw the biggest drop in the past year were private service providers and leisure and hospitality.