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City Council Members Continue Talks on Noise Ordinance

Binghamton City Council members are continuing their discussions on how to move forward with the city's noise ordinance.

The issue has been on the table for more than a year. As of now, the Binghamton Police, the Department of Public Works and Code Enforcement handle the city's noise complaints. Last year, the city received approximately 1300 noise complaints. City Council members say a new policy needs to be in place soon.

City councilwoman Teri Renia said, "Every time we have one of these meetings we get a letter or we have a resident who's here who's saying please make it so we can enforce this law because its impacting my quality of life. And we have council members who always want to talk about quality of life issues. Well, we need to put our feet down, we are the legislative body and we need to say were going to fix these quality of life issues for our residents."

City Council is asking for 15-thousand dollars from the Administration which would provide new meters and training on use of those meters. The next work session is scheduled for July 6th. The Council hopes to vote on changes to the noise ordinance in the second week of July.