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Civil Rights and Human Services Organizations Back Police Modernization Law

Local civil rights and human service organizations are endorsing the police modernization law that's being discussed in the Muncipal and Public Affairs committee.

On Wednesday night representatives from the Broome Tioga NAACP
along with the Urban League of Broome County and the YWCA gathered at city hall to read their statements during the public comment session of the meeting. The Binghamton Human Rights Commission is drafting the legislation and is pushing for a more diverse police force and require cultural competency training for all members of the department.

"Just for the community for them to know exactly what the Police Department is doing and how it impacts the community. One of the things we want is the community to trust their Police and they want Police to feel like they're part of the community," said Denise Yull, Board Member, National Urban League.

Members of the Human Rights Commission say they just want to reaffirm what is already law: that racial profiling is illegal in the city of Binghamton.