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Budget Passed for Tioga Central School District

The Tioga Central School District now has a budget.

More than 70 percent voted for the spending plan, which includes a tax levy increase of more than 17 percent. Back in May, voters failed to pass a budget which called for a tax levy increase of 30 percent.

Some of the school programs were on the line because of the cuts, but Tioga Downs Owner Jeff Gural pledged to donate almost $600,000 over the next two years to the district. That donation and the passage of Tuesday night's budget means most of the school's programs will remain.

Superintendent Scot Taylor said, "One of the things we learn in this process obviously you know we needed a new budget to pass and we were at a high levy percentage and we were able to bring that down a couple ways one is with some reduction and another is a donation from Mr. Gural. So that allowed us to get to a levy that people feel comfortable with and and it will keep the programs that we have that our kids would be able to endure."

Because both the initial budget in may and the one before voters Tuesday night exceeded the state's tax cap, a 60 percent super majority was needed for approval.