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What Would Legal MMA in New York Mean to Local Fighters

By Fox 40 Staff.
The legislative session is scheduled to end Wednesday which means time is running out on an 11th-hour deal to legalize mixed martial arts in New York State.

As one of the sponsors on the bill to legalize MMA in New York Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said last week she expected it to come to a vote before the session comes to a close. Local MMA fighter Tamdan McCrory, who runs the BC Martial Arts Academy, says legalizing mma in the state would lead to more competition and more revenue.

"It's going to be more opportunity for local athletes to fight on a more local stage. It's going to open the doors for more competitive venues because if you have a whole new market to explore you're going to have a lot more promoters pop up," said McCrory.

The State Senate has previously approved the bill each of the last five years before it failed to pass in the Assembly. New York is the only state in the country where MMA is illegal.