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Downtown Binghamton Parking Study Begins

The public is weighing in on the City of Binghamton Parking Study.

An open house at the Metrocenter is taking place until 6:30 Tuesday night.

Half of the $100,000 cost of the study is being covered by the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study.

According to Mayor Rich David the study will allow the city to put together an effective strategy to meet long-term economic development needs.

Cyndi Paddick the Director Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study said, "Because we hear a lot of times I can't find a place to park or when I do come downtown for an event at the Arena or the Forum it's very difficult to park. So we thought it was very important to put some numbers with those perceptions that people have."

Last week the city announced the top two levels of the Collier Street Garage will be closed indefinitely.

You can participate in an online survey at www.binghamtonparkingsurvey.com.