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Garn at a loss for words to describe being All-American

Being named an All-American is one of the highest honors you can earn as a student-athlete. As a highly scouted and heavily recruited high school student heading to a major university, it's more expected and usually more attainable to become an All-American. For Binghamton University's Jesse Garn, three days after placing 4th in the 800m NCAA Finals in Euge Oregon, he's still struggling to find the right words to describe being named a First Team All-American.

"It means that much," Garn says. "It's incredible, It's hard to describe exactly what it is."

Garn led the Finals race around the final two turns, which he says was earlier than he usually breaks, but things were moving slow and he decided to take the chance. It backfired as he was overtaken down the homestretch. But, he still finished 4th among the best in the country, and earned First Team All-American Honors, so how bad can he really feel? If you could see the smile on his face throughout the press conference, the answer is not very.

"Having come from where I have, I think it's a big testament to the program," he said. "I'm excited for myself to have come from the situation indoors and all the setbacks that I have had, I think this really jumps out and it's kind of like 'well, it's not a fluke that a Binghamton athlete has made it this far to the NCAA championships' and that's the biggest thing for me to prove that by no means was it a mistake and I'm excited to go on to the future."

Garn was disqualified from the NCAA Indoor National Finals after a false start in the finals.

He plans to next compete in the US Championships.

Congratulations should also go out to former Greene Trojan Chad Noelle who, as a member of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, won the NCAA Championships in the 1500m.