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Binghamton City Council Members Review Police Modernization Law

A more diverse police force and legislation that would ban racial profiling in law enforcement might be on it's way to Binghamton.

Monday night members of city council, the Binghamton Police Force and members of the Human Rights Commission met to talk about the revised version of the Police Modernization Law.

The new version focuses on three proactive remedies which are tracking of stops, officer training, and diversification of the force.

After Monday's meeting officials from the police department need to contact training personnel to see how much training will cost and how it would be implemented into the department.

Sean Massey a member of the Human Rights Commission said, "Corporation Council has some concerns over there being precedent for this law. We're arguing that this law has been presented or advocated for by a number of national organizations that's sort of a blueprint for these laws being presented across the country."

Another meeting is scheduled for July 8th to further discuss how to proceed with the Police Modernization Law.