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Elementary School Students Hold Peace Day and Charles F. Johnson Park

Elementary students are trying to bring some peace to the community.

Sunday, the 3rd Grade Public Achievement team at Johnson City Primary School held Peace Day at Charles F. Johnson Park.

The day is part of a project initiated under the mentorship of SUNY Broome students in the college's Teacher Education and Early Childhood Department Public Achievement program.

The goal: to teach students how to solve problems while working with others.
And for Peace Day the third graders wanted to motivate peace throughout their community.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie were even present to recognize the childrens' efforts.

"I hope that it sparks some thoughts from people in the community and that our citizens of all ages understand there's hard working, civic-minded children in their neighborhood, who want good things to happen," said Assistant Principal at Johnson City Elementary School Tracy D'Arpino.
"It's very important to motivate people to do peace because if we don't do peace then there will be a lot of violence in our community," said Third Grader at Johnson City Elementary School Athanasia Mohamed.

Next week another group from the SUNY Broome program will work with fourth graders for a beautification project in the Windsor Town Village.