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Blood Drive Benefits Community; Commemorates Slain Teen

A family is asking the community to help prevent seasonal blood donation shortages while honoring the life of a lost family member.

The 2nd annual Scott A. Wright Jr. blood drive was held at the Fairview United Methodist Church in Binghamton Saturday.

Scott was a Binghamton high school graduate who was shot and killed less than a month after graduating. He received blood transfusions when he was in the hospital and his family says today's event is their way of helping others while commemorating Scott's life. Those who helped organize Saturday's event says it serves as an act of restoration for the community.

"I think that with it being in memorial of Scott Wright, that the people from the community that come here feel that they're not only supporting him and his family, but also other people in the community and whoever else the blood is going to and maybe to help save a life," said Chair of Family Ministry at Fairview United Methodist Church Jennifer Evans.

"I know how sweet they were, and they didn't deserve to lose someone like this, and I'm willing to help people so other families out there don't have to deal with that," said Sophomore at Binghamton High School Julia Doyle.

The church plans to continue the memorial blood drive next year.