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Local Elementary School Holds Flag Day Parade

More than 250 students at African Road Elementary School in Vestal held a Flag Day parade outside of the school.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sported their uniforms and the Pledge of Allegiance was read off while the elementary band played their instruments.

The school's principal says he feels it's important students are aware of the symbolism of our country's flag, not just this weekend, but at all times.

"You can hear the drums in the background as the children are marching around the parking lot. They're learning the significance of the red, white and blue. Those should be special colors for them. They'll think about it as they go through life, as we all do," said African Road Elementary School Principal Tim McMullin.

The celebration concluded with everyone singing the song 50 Nifty and a closure speech from the principal.

A similar scene played out at the Broome-Tioga Boces campus on Glenwood Road in Binghamton.

Students and staff took part in their annual event. They dressed in red, white, and blue and sang, "The Star Spangled Banner" and "America the Beautiful."

Flag Day falls this year on Sunday.