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Saint Anthony's Feast Days Kick Off

Hundreds of residents are connecting with their Italian side.

Saint Anthony's Feast Days kicked off right outside Saint Anthony's of Padua Parish Church on Odell Avenue.

It was free to get in and the festival highlights different bands, raffles and plenty of Italian food.

Among the favorites: grilled pizza! Organizers say the festival is a historical Endicott tradition.

Festival Coordinator Bill Matts said, "It brings people together not only the people of parish but people of Endicott. Many people plan vacations, people that live away from here plan vacations to come back here and not only to see family but come here and see friends they haven't seen in 10-12 years."

The festival has been ongoing for 24 years in the Village of Endicott.
the festival will continue tomorrow and Sunday.

The church will also hold a celebration honoring Saint Anthony will a full procession after Aunday's mass at 11:30 a.m.