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Professional MMA in New York will be voted on next week

Of the fifty states in the US, New York remains the only state to not allow professional MMA fights. But since the departure of Sheldon Silver from the state assembly, legislation has been gaining support to finally legalize the sport.

As one of the sponsors on the bill to legalize MMA in New York, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo expects it to come to a vote again next week as the legislation session comes to a close. She says the bill is much closer to addressing the issues of violence that have previously held the bill up in the assembly.

"We think we may be coming across a compromise that would add additional insurance for potential brain injuries and also provide the sort of protection, not only in MMA but across all combative sports: wrestling, boxing, and other sports like that. So, New York will basically be saying 'if you're going to engage in these sports you should really carry additional liability insurance and protect people who are potentially injured," said Lupardo.

Lupardo says legalizing MMA professionally would allow the state to regulate the amateur bouts currently being fought in New York. The state senate has previously approved the bill each of the last five years before it failed to pass in the assembly.