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Assemblywoman Lupardo Says Education Group Misleading Voters

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo says her position on public education has been distorted by a series of mailings and robo-calls criticizing her opposition to what's called the education investment tax credit - or EITC.

Proponents say the bill would reimburse teachers who pay for school supplies out of their own pocket, and encourage donations to after-school programs and scholarships.

Lupardo though, says a major point these mailings don't bring up is that it would also provide a tax credit on donations to private schools, reimbursing up to $1 million 75 percent of those donations.

"Millions and millions of dollars in tax credits that would go to wealthy individuals, largely in Downstate, to give donations to private schools. We think that's the part of this that needs a full airing," said Lupardo (D-123rd District).

The legislation has passed the State Senate and Lupardo says there are parts of the bill that are worth discussing. However, she doesn't feel it will pass the assembly. The legislative session is scheduled to end next week.