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Republican Candidate for BC DA Highlights New Eight Point Plan to Fight Drug Epidemic

The Republican candidate for Broome County District Attorney says he has a plan to fight the drug epidemic in our area.

Today, Steve Cornwell announced his eight point plan, alongside retired Binghamton Police Investigator Robert Guiles, and Endicott family Adam and Ashley Bartlett and their three children.

The plan includes creating an anonymous drug activity tipline, providing educational opportunities for parents and youth, and establishing a drug crimes bureau in the DA's office. Cornwell says his plan will help protect families by cleaning up neighborhoods.

"They're worried for their children's safety; seniors are afraid to go out at night. Even young professionals don't wnt to stop and pump their gas in the dark. They're afraid to walk their own streets," said Steve Cornwell, Candidate for Broome County District Attorney.

"Just over a week ago, a block from the park, a meth lab was uncovered above a daycare center. We are constantly on the look out. We are worried for our childrens' safety," said Adam Bartlett, Endicott Resident.

A big part of Cornwell's plan is to repurpose funding from vehicles and property seized from drug dealers to use for undercover drug stings, or to sell those seized vehicles for additional funding. He says this is modeled off of what other counties in the state are doing to combat the war on drugs. Cornwell will face incumbent District Attorney Gerald Mollen in November.