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Dick's Sporting Goods Open provides rare opportunities for fans

By the time an athlete is elected to the Hall of Fame, they've been out of the game for several years. Sure, they might play a charity event or something, but their competitive days are long since over. The Dick's Sporting Goods Open and the Champions Tour offer rare chances for fans to watch World Golf Hall of Famers actively compete in tournament play.

"One of the great things about the Champions Tour, it's the only professional sport where Hall of Fame members are still active," said John Karedes, DSGO Tournament Director. "It doesn't happen in baseball, it doesn't happen in football or any other sport. So, here's a chance that you're seeing guys like Bernhard Langer, Tom Kite, Mark O'Meara will be a Hall of Famer when he gets here, Larry Nelson, Hal Irwin. They're here. And they're not just here in a ceremonial put the ball on the first tee and hit it down the first fairway. They're here competing, they're here playing to win and this is happening right in our own backyard."

The latest field list was issued on June 5th. As of then, four Hall of Famers will be in Endicott for the DSGO with 12 more spots yet to be filled. Tournament play begins August 28th.