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Day 2: Jury Deliberations Continue in the Calvin Bell Trial

Still no verdict from the twelve Broome County jury members as deliberations continue for a second day in the calvin bell trial.

Bell is charged with murdering Bretnie "Sha" Owens while robbing his Binghamton apartment in June of 2013.

The jury had a number of questions this morning including "what is material evidence?" and "what is the definition of reasonable doubt?"

In the afternoon, jury members also asked to hear testimony from both Rasid Crawford and Rashid Imhotep, both who spent time with Bell inside the Broome County Jail.

Both men claim bell had spoken to them about his case. Crawford says Bell told him that he refused to take the plea deal because they couldn't prove that he killed Owens.

Deliberations will continue for a third day tomorrow at 9:15 AM.