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Brides Say Store Owner Abandoned Them

Angry brides and bridesmaids-to-be are scrambling after they say the owner of The Wedding Works in Endicott Amanda Janicki is nowhere to be found after they paid for dresses and other wedding clothing they have yet to receive.

"She made us an appointment for Sunday and we ordered eleven vests and paid all in full and on Monday she was gone," said Shannon Pogorcelski, who is getting married in September.

Today many of those brides came the store where they say the former owner has been working feverishly to secure dresses for bridal parties.

"She's taken on the role of finding these dresses for everyone," said Abbey Cashman, who is getting married in eight weeks.

We weren't allowed entry into the store, but were told it will take at least a couple of days to process all of the brides affected. Some have been sent down Washington Avenue to Danel Bridal Salon. "We had a bunch of brides panicking," said Mike Pinco of Danel Bridal Salon.

"I have to go somewhere else and reorder them. I'm out all the money," said Pogorcelski.

"If their wedding is beyond 12 to 14 weeks we can probably help them very easily. Unfortunately if they have something going on the next two weeks we may have some select dresses they may be able to purchase, but that could be very limited," said Pinco.

Staff at Danel has spent the day talking to vendors trying to get clothing in as quickly as possible.

"Hopefully we can just move on," said Pogorcelski.

"I've been in the wedding business for over 30 years and I've never seen a wedding vendor walk away from any client, let alone hundreds," said Pinco.

Endicott Police say they are investigating the complaints. If you feel you've fallen victim you should contact the Endicott Police Department at 785-3341, and the Binghamton Office of NYS Attorney General Consumer line: 251-2764.