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Being Aware of Sepsis Symptoms and Signs

The sixth leading cause of why people are admitted to hospitals has a 30% mortality rate and officials say that number is on the rise.

Sepsis is an infection of the blood stream or tissue organs and can come from something even as small as a scrape.

Some of the signs include an increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, fever, and abnormal white blood cell counts.

Dr. Chan Liecco says that this problem is on the rise due to a higher number of elderly patients and an increase in the spreading of infections.

"The mortality rate is increasing thereby it increases the cost of care because a lot of these patients end up being in ICU and are put on a ventilator," said Mary Roney, Quality Specialist.

"If it goes undiagnosed or there's a delay in the diagnosis of sepsis it can be very life threatening and cause death," said Dr. Chan Liecco, Assistant Medical Director.

There are more than 750,000 cases of severe sepsis and septic shock each year.