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Annual Phoenix Awards Honor Two Individuals, One Organization

Two individuals and a grassroots organization were honored tonight for the efforts they've put into the community.

Citizen Action honored Reverend Greg Johnson, Dr. Myra Sabir, and the Grassroots Southern Tier Anti-Fracking Movement during this year's Phoenix Awards.

Reverend Johnson is known for his work with the re-entry task force, which gives a second chance to formerly incarcerated individuals.

Dr. Sabir was awarded for her "life writing" approach, allowing individuals to share their stories.

The Grassroots Southern Tier Anti Fracking Movement was recognized for the recent ban on fracking. Citizen Action officials say it's special to be able to recognize these three influential individuals.

"Yeah it's really great to have some continuity behind this. And the thing about the Binghamton area is there is amazing and incredible work happening and it's really a pleasure for us as an organization and for me personally to be able to honor people who are doing such amazing work," said Isaac Silberman-Gorn, Community Organizer.

It has been a long standing tradition. The annual Phoenix Awards began back in 1986.