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Calvin Bell Murder Trial in Hands of Jury

By Fox 40 Staff.
The fate of Calvin Bell is in the hands of a Broome County jury.

Bell is charged with murdering Bretnie "Sha" Owens while robbing his Binghamton apartment in June of 2013. The jury of six men and six women was given the case just before 10 am Wednesday morning. They submitted their first note to Judge Joseph Cawley just before 11 a.m. requesting to see the crime scene video.

After watching the video, the jury went back to their chambers for deliberation until about 2:30 when they sent their second note requesting to see Bell's interview video with Binghamton Police Investigator Charles Woody.

In the interview Woody said, "all the evidence points to you". Bell responded with, "I wasn't there... somebody's in trouble and it ain't me."

After deliberating for more than 6 hours Wednesday, jurors are set to reconvene for day two of deliberations Thursday morning at 9:15.