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Broome County IDA Plays Roll in Tier's Plan for Upstate Revitalization Initiative Competition

Much has been made of the Southern Tier's chances at a $500 million prize in the state's Upstate Revitalization
Initiative Competition.

The tier will compete with six other upstate regions to be one of three to win the half-billion dollar prize: and that will take a plan. the agency - formerly Broome County's Industrial Development Agency - is playing a big role in coming up with that plan. The head of the agency spoke at Binghamton's Rotary Club Tuesday to break down the projects he hopes will be winners for the area.

"Obviously some will impact Broome County and that's our goal to develop programs and projects that will take advantage of the $500 million when we win it," said Kevin McLaughlin, Executive Director of The Agency.

The state is expected to announce the winners of the Upstate Revitilization Initiative in the fall. Mclaughlin says his agency recently changed it's name to stress it works with businesses of all sizes - not just big industry.