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Local Residents Speak Out Against Tax Credit Bill

Southern Tier residents, teachers and parents are speaking out against a statewide tax credit bill that they say would line the pockets of the wealthy while devastating public schools.

As they renounce the "Parents Choice in Education Act" they also are taking the opportunity to thank Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, who opposes the bill in light of flyers and robo calls criticizing her stance on the act.

Those who oppose the act say that while the governor says the bill will provide incentives for donations to scholarship organizations, public schools and religious schools, the act would actually take $150 million in state revenue to give large tax breaks to wealthy investors.

We have a lot of districts in our area that are poor districts in rural areas. They have been struggling and struggling to provide the best education that they can for their students in light of the loss of all this education funding. So, this would really be devastating," said Dona Murray, a teacher at Broome Tioga BOCES.

Murray says she and others believe this bill, which essentially gives large tax breaks to big investors, is offensive during a time when public schools are in need of extra funding.