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Service Changes for Town of Owego

A new station will be handling emergency and fire services for residents outside of the Village of Owego.

As a result of the Town of Owego's expiring contract with the village, a new fire station will cover the area, and emergency services for town residents will be divided between the South Owego and Campville Fire Departments.

While some residents take no issue with the changes, some residents are worried it may affect them financially.

"We tax payers have got to pay attention because of taxes keep getting raised. We have to pay now for all the upgrades the training, the equipment, all the trucks and that stuff is going to have to be paid for," said Carl Jones, an Owego Resident.

"As far as response time, I think response time is gonna be about the same as they are now. I think they're doing the right thing," said Joel Shelton, a Tioga Resident.

The Owego Fire Department and Emergency Squad will stop servicing the Town of Owego on July 1.